Ron Funches Is Recording An Album!

Everyone shut up and stop what you’re doing. Ron Funches, America’s sweetheart, and the most winninigest person on @midnight, is recording his first album!

Photo Courtesy of Boston Comedy Fest

Photo Courtesy of Boston Comedy Fest

Ron Funches is a comedian who got his start in stand up in Portland. Shortly after he moved to Los Angeles as his career took off. He has performed on Conan numerous times, wrote and acted on Kroll Show, plays Shelly on Undateable, and most recently played Jojo in Get Hard. His body of work is impressive and he is continuing to add to it. This Friday and Saturday, August 21st & 22nd, Ron is recording his first album at Denver Comedy Works and if it is anything like his Half Hour, it is going to be one of the best albums of the year. Also, he will be at the live podcast recording of These Things Matter, along with Jonah Ray, Jay Larson and Karen Kilgariff, at the High Plains Comedy festival. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Ron and get his thoughts on his upcoming album recording.

Hey Ron, hows its going??
Gooooood! how are you? you look well!

You are about to record you first album. How are you feeling? Why did you choose to record it in Denver?
I’m excited to have a home for a bunch of jokes I’ve written. I love the audiences in Denver and Comedy Works has a reputation for producing solid albums and I want to add to that.

Your album is called the Funches of Us (parody of The Last Of Us). Do you have a plan for an apocalypse?
Just hope that people have use for a comedian while drinking our own urine. I think we will.

Do you have a pre-show ritual?
Just light dinner and a walk.

You criticized shaq for having his flagship soft drink being creme soda. What would your signature soda flavor be?
medicated cherry cola

On Don’t Ever Change you said that All Quiet On The Western and As I Lay Dying were books that blew your mind in high school. What are some mind blowing books you’ve read since?
The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

What can you tell me about the “Curvy Boys”?
David Gborie created the Curvy Boys a group of voluptuous, talented, smart, sexy men I’m proud to be a part of.

Speaking of Curvy Boys it looks like you’ve lost weight? Did you misplace it or what have you changed?
Lots of oatmeal and squats much less cola and candy.

Who is your favorite muppet baby?
smooth ass Ralph

What can you tell me about “The 5 Footprints”? Do you sing???
it’s the world’s most dangerous christian a Capella group and I testify more than I sing.

You’re a noted wrestling fan. Would you ever want to make a guest appearance? Which show would you want to be on Raw? NXT? Smackdown? Also, who would you take on?
I want to be on the flagship RAW and have a feud with most of the divas.

You’ve been in a variety of projects. You were in the movie Get Hard, live action shows like Undateable, Kroll Show, and animated shows like Bobs Burgers and BoJack Horseman. Which is your favorite medium to perform in (besides standup)?
I like acting a lot but its all the same really I just want to do more and more things I’ve never done before like record my own album!

To get tickets to see Ron record his album this Friday and Saturday click here.
If you want to see him live at the High Plains Comedy festival at These Things Matter, click here.

Note, the answers to the questions were emailed and were not altered in way to help give the most authentic interview possible.


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