Lauren Crosby- Self Titled


Lauren Crosby

Self Titled

16 August 2014 (Self Released)

By Joe DeBonis

Being able to connect with a singer- songwriter as a listener via the music they are creating is an essential part behind any success they may hope to achieve. Whether it is through the stories or the pure emotion of the voice, there is a certain necessity to that ability to connect with listeners in order to make themselves recognizable through the hundreds if not thousands of people on the Internet attempting to make a name for themselves. Emotion is always something people look for in their music, be in metal, folk or rap. People enjoy knowing others feel similar things as them and they like to express those feelings through music.

Lauren Crosby is one of those singer-songwriters that truly understands the essential calling of her craft and uses her music to create bonds between each of her listeners. She is one of those exceptions with a remarkable ability to blend blues and folk music into a soulful, relatable style that can resonate a lot more profoundly than what most people that pick up a guitar and start singing make. Crosby and her voice together are a dynamic pair; she herself having gone from Maine to Memphis to Albuquerque in search of new music scenes to expose herself in. Along the way, her voice has guided her magnificently as she allows her Maine accent to come forth with a bit of a twang but also using her true ability to convey sadness, anger, but most of all happiness. Smooth yet a bit defiant, her voice is unique in the way that she can tackle numerous subjects all while sounding every bit as concerned, upset or joyful as the song would dictate. Being able to switch between emotions, songs and different styles is not something a lot of people can do but Crosby does a wonderful job of showcasing her diversity.

Musically, she accompanies herself with guitar on every song, but has a lot of different musicianship laying the foundation of each track from fiddle playing, to harmonica playing, to just a nice solid bass line. The album is produced well, something a lot of singer songwriters can’t say, and instead of going straight from the bedroom to an album, she stopped off in the studio first and created a full, resonating sound for her music. The rawness of a home recording is gone, and replaced with a mature sound that aids Crosby and her melodic voice.

Overall the project Crosby has put forth is an undiscovered gem. Through her travels across the U.S. she has taken bits and pieces of musical ideas and crafted a voice unique to herself and a song writing style that bases itself in an ability to connect with numerous people while also having a warm, rich sound to boot. Having the will and drive to put herself out into the musical world is one of her strongest aspects to her package and I am sure there are plenty of people from all the cities she has lived in that can attest to the true power of her voice.

Rating: Liked It


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