Rozwell Kid, Tiny Moving Parts and You Blew It! live at the Duke City Soundstage, February 2nd, 2015


Rozwell Kid, Tiny Moving Parts, and You Blew It!

By Joe DeBonis

Seeing a band live really helps with the perception of how truly talented a group can be. Hearing and loving a recording of a band is one thing, but to watch them live and understand just how talented they are, really can be an eye opening experience. Tiny Moving Parts blew me away when I saw them, not just with their high level of energy, but also their ability to play their instruments at a high level of technicality while keeping the energy up.

Really though, the entire show was just a good ol’ fashion emo/pop punk/ punk show; something I had not been to in what felt like forever. To hear the screams and loud guitar was all I really wanted, so it felt like a bonus every time one of the bands did something impressive with their instruments. The first band, a local group called Crime Lab, opened up the night with some decent pop punk. Not especially mind blowing or anything but they had the makings of a good emo band with angsty vocals, loud guitar and a quick pace to their music. I personally had no idea what to expect from the next band, Rozwell Kid, and I was pleasantly surprised with the high-energy show they brought on that Monday night. They got into their music, emphatically jumping around the stage, playing a louder version of pop punk than I am used to, but was quite alright with. I find that openers can be hit or miss, especially if I am anticipating the next band a lot. I sometimes just wish the openers off stage before giving them a chance. Rozwell Kid didn’t allow me that time to even think about wishing them away though, because their first song was so good. They gave off a true Weezer vibe and I immediately picked up on that as we jumped around with them through their 30-minute set.


The next band, Tiny Moving Parts was who I really had come to see. I had heard of You Blew It! before but I really had become smitten with Tiny Moving Parts’ latest album so most of my anticipation was for them. And boy did they not disappoint. Their melodic, math rock like guitar parts came through at full force during their live set. Watching the finger tapping on the guitar was a true eye opener of how good they really are at their instruments. I sadly did not know the songs as well as I thought I did so my singing along was lacking, but because their songs are so driven by the music as well as the lyrics I was able to still jam out, waiting for the songs I did know. “Sundress” hit the hardest for me seeing as I know the most lyrics of that song compared to any of the others they had played that night. I screamed my head off, enjoying the moment with my two friends who I had not seen a show with in a long while.


You Blew It! was the closer and a heavy weight in the genre compared to all of the other bands, and they played like it. Cool and confident, the energy they brought was less youthful and more measured. They understood what their music had done for the scene even if they were only a couple albums into their career, they were at least older than the bands they were touring with. I sadly do not know You Blew It’s! material as well as I should, but it was great to hear them play with an intensity that sometimes is lacking at these smaller shows. The band could have cared less who they were playing for; they were clearly professionals at this point in their career and not a lot could faze them. Musically the band was tight, talented and above enjoyable to listen to and I left the show ready to go learn a little more about a band I should have already known.


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