Best Local Music 2k14 (1/3) Adult Beverage

by Tim

Dillon in action

Dillon in action

Back in September I first encountered Dillon at a house show where Adult Beverage was playing and right off the bat I was taken aback by him. The first reason being he is 6’9 and I’ve rarely had to look upwards at someone. Next was the fact that he was super kind and welcoming. Lastly, was his talent. He took to the stage a delivered a packed, sweat soaked set I was sold. I don’t remember much after Adult Beverage due to the amount of adult beverages I had but I knew I had to track Dillon down. Currently he is studying abroad in the UK but I was lucky enough to send him some questions.

Where are you from?
I am from Los Angeles, California.

How would you describe your music? Or what genre would you consider yourself?
I think the music varies a lot. The recordings have stuff I consider to be dreamy/noisey with some poppy influences. Our live show seems to be more influenced by loud garage rock. I suppose I’d say noise pop?

What instruments can you play?
I play guitar and bass.

Is there a band or group that you want to open for?
That’s tough. The Cure would be insane, but I’d feel completely unworthy.

Who are your influences? Music or notable people in general?
Growing up I was always influenced by David Bowie, The White Stripes, and The Cure. Ty Segall is also an enormous influence on my music for sure. Hearing his stuff really had me thinking I don’t necessarily need to record at a studio or have nice equipment to make a song I can enjoy. 

Do you work or go to school?
I work as a freelance video editor and do a lot of odd jobs. I’m about to enter my last semester at UNM.

What would it take for you to consider yourself successful?
If I can make at least one person dance at each show that’s enough for me.

Which celebrity could you take in a fight?
Danny DeVito because I’m 6’9″ and that’d be fuckinghilarious to watch

Where can people find more of your stuff?
Most of my stuff is on my bandcamp I also make short films and all which can be found on my Vimeo. I’ll also have another album coming out in late December as well.

Red or green?
Red is tight but Green will always have my heart.

Thanks so much to Dillon and make sure to check him out at his websites
and keep an eye for his upcoming shows in the California area this January! 


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