Favorite Podcasts of 2k14

By Tim
Hey everybody, between school, work, laptop failures, writers block and death in my life, I’ve been backlogged with half started interviews, lists and more and I’m going to get out as much by Christmas. So here goes, these are my favorite podcasts of 2014

Maltin on Movies
If you’re a fan of movies then there is a good chance you’ve read reviews by Leonard Maltin or you’ve heard/played the Leonard Maltin Game that was popularized by Doug Benson on Doug Loves Movies. Anyways, Mr. Maltin had stepped into the podcast game and already has a smash success. In Maltin on Movies, Mr. Maltin along with Baron Vaughn (what a badass name) review genres rather than movies. They discuss one film within the genre that’s good, one that’s not and one that is an under the radar film that you should check out. If that doesn’t sell you then I do not know what to say.

Grabbing Lunch with Matt Knudsen
Grabbing Lunch
One of my good finds from the High Plains Comedy Festival was Matt Knudsen. Turns out he has a podcast that is very intriguing. The premise is simple, people get lunch with Matt Knudsen but the guests are always interesting. His last episode included not Key & Peele but instead Payman Benz the director. Matt Knudsen (no offense) doesn’t always get big names for his podcast. However, all of his guests shed light on “the industry” in a way you wont get from a big name. Plus it is pretty fun.

Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher
What is the last podcast you listened to that talked about Harems, Polyamory, Death, and Being Brown in America? Moshe Kasher just started his latest podcast (in addition to The Champs) and it’s a group discussion format in front of a live audience. Every episode has a solid back and forth between the guests. I think that as the quality of celebrity inevitably goes down, the quality of discussion will stay the same because of the unique topics Moshe brings to the table.


Honorable mentions
Doug Benson’s podcasts (Getting Doug with High, Doug Loves Movies, Dining with Doug and Karen)

Doug Benson has to be one of the smartest guys alive. He’s no Stephen Hawking but he has made a living off telling jokes while smoking pot with friends, talking about movies with friends and eating with friends. Literally, Doug will be eating food with guests, a highly visual activity, but I’m still captivated. The thing that I think makes his podcasts good is the fact that he is aware of his audience. In the seemingly chaos of his podcasts Doug is able to reel his guests in to keep a funny, loose structure that keeps the show moving, and gives the audience a sense of familiarity. As a host he also does a great job of adjusting to his guests. When Jack Black got too high, Doug was accommodating and whenever Pete Holmes is on Doug is smart enough to not try and stop him and goes along with his tangents. After eight years of doing podcasts, Doug has mastered juggling his mini podcast empire.

Put Your Hands Together
Do you live in a medium or small town and love comedy? Then this is the podcast for you. I enjoy living in Albuquerque but one of our drawbacks is lack of comedy. There are occasional shows but there is no weekly comedy show like in major markets like LA, New York, Chicago etc. I love Put Your Hands Together because it is a great way to listen to standup sets from established comics like Bob Odeninkirk or great up and comers like David Gborie or Aparna Nancherla. It is the best way to get free, weekly standup.

Don’t Ever Change
don't ever change
If you’re like me then you probably have an interest in your favorite celebrities that goes beyond what you can read about them. Don’t Ever Change is a healthy way to go beyond common knowledge and hear about the lives of comedians when they were in high school. It sounds like a idea that might get old but it is fascinating to see the commonalities and stark differences between their lives. Whether it’s the intense four years of Nick Thune or the years of joy for Nate Bargatze each comic brings their own unique story. Imagine, This American Life but funnier. Don’t Ever Change is also helped by arguably the happiest dude ever, John Roy. Somehow he conveys his fun, happy go lucky vibe via audio and it is a great experience.
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