Almeeva – Anamorphic




22 September 2014 (InFiné Music)

Patrick DeBonis

The handful of rainstorms that Albuquerque sees each year are almost always followed by blowing wind.  If you haven’t experienced wind in Albuquerque it means an inordinate amount of dust; and with dust, wind, and rain, thick sheets of hard water infused with dirt become caked over car windows.  Trust me, I do not have a nice enough car to care about dirt on the windows, in fact, until a couple weeks ago, I had not washed them since last spring.  The only reason I broke down and got out the old family solution of vinegar and water (we’re too good for Windex) and the paper towels was I could no longer see out of my windshield when the rising sun shines in.  With my necessary window washing credentials out of the way, I purpose to extend my expertise in the subject to what it must be like cleaning the windows of the One World Trade Center.

Hanging in the air hundreds of feet above the ground, not a care in the world.  Well only if you don’t count the thousands of windows you still need to wash.  As you stare at your reflection and scrub away until each window smiles back at you, clean is the only thing on your mind.

This window-washing extravaganza is the only way to describe listening to Anamorphic.  It is squeaky clean, cleaner than the windows will ever be.  Precise to a point and then some extra plastic pizzazz to make sure you remember how synthetic it is.  Fake, inhuman production has been an ever-expanding theme since the rise of computer software music and the sheer extent of home recording accessibility.  At this point it comes across as a copy of a copy of an imitation, or the occasional satirical achievement.  That being said, Gregory Hoepffner has traveled the same old path as many before him, only to trample out a little niche right before the cliff of destruction.

Anamorphic is a very reflective window depending on how the sun hits it.  In the right light you can see every room inside of the One World Trade Center, but if the sun is setting, all that can be seen is your own reflection. It displays exactly what you expect, just like a mirror.  This is most apparent with the overall tone of the album.  Depending on your mood, like the time of day with the sun, Hoepffner’s airy production can capture and evoke a surprisingly wide range of emotions.  This is a distinct phenomenon because most contemporary computer music aims for one specific purpose.  Thus, it is unusual to find flexibility in a sound that can first come across as mundane.

Anyone can wash windows, but to wash the large panes hundreds of feet above the ground is not quite the same.  You are above the entire city with your safety always in question.  For most of it, you float over everything, apart and in your own fantastic land, but there is the chance it could all change and you will be hanging above the world instead of standing.

Hoepffner does not revolutionize in any way.  He simply states an opinion based on originality in a vast sea of congruency.

Rating: Liked it


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