Мутафория Лили Releases Second Album of 2014


Alexei Konopelko of Мутафория Лили has struck again with more mind altering madness.  The latest addition to his catalog, Луч: Галлюцинацио​-​Нимфаллидаглиссинеммо or Ray: Hallucination, is a brutally long epic of inhumane piano playing mixed with his normal production sentiments.  Konopelko’s releases have started to become more abstract sense his 2013 repertoire, the latest of which appropriately alluding to hallucination.  The names of the tracks mirror the musical trail of non sequiturs he uses, from “Ebola” to “Soap naked.”  Seeing as you cannot put a definitive qualifier on surreality, Konopelko exquisitely exemplifies the art form in his latest body of work.  Check it out below and buy it before the price increases ten fold. 


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