Drift Wood Miracle- Between Three And Four


Drift Wood Miracle

Between Three And Four

13 September 2014 (Self Released) 

By Joe DeBonis

The accessibility of being able to make music has reached an astounding level. Guitars are cheap, recording with an iPhone is easy and the ability to learn to play an instrument has reached an unfounded level with the amount of self-help Youtube videos that exist. So getting “big” has become in some ways even harder with the sheer number of bands out there that play similar types of music. At the same time, with the Internet at everyone’s fingertips, sharing music is easier than making it. It is an interesting paradox that a lot of bands have been caught squarely in between: sounding fairly similar to a lot of other bands, but being talented and passionate enough that they deserve to make it big. Drift Wood Miracle fits this description perfectly. Their musicianship and talent are first rate, and on their latest EP, Between Three And Four, the contrast between the four songs from soft, emo like guitar music to a fairly punk song, to some lo fi vibes and finally finishing where they started, this band seems not only like they would be awesome to see live, but also a band that deserves something more.

Musically, Drift Wood Miracle embodies that garage band playing their hearts out for 15 people and not caring in the slightest. They really remind me of a lot of local bands in Albuquerque, superbly talented but sadly under appreciated. They have the garage band mentality in everything they do, from the soft, melancholy spots in their songs to the heavy, three or four kids trying to mosh at a show spots. The guitar work is superb and the whole flow of the album really is a nice touch to a band that already has the musicianship to carry them far. Small bands that make it big usually have some sort of gimmick or idea about them that helps them stand out just a bit, and with Drift Wood Miracle, it is the maturity level and overall presence they have on this EP that sets them apart from actual garage bands just trying to get big. Drift Wood Miracle have the tools to impress a lot of people, and with the help of the great Internet, they will one day have a following worth bragging about.

Rating: Liked It


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