Blisses B- Sea Level Astronomy


Blisses B

Sea Level Astronomy 

16 September 2014 (Kickstarter Program aided self release)

By: Joe DeBonis

The idea a Kickstarter Program could work so simply yet successfully really gives me hope for the world of music. There must be thousands upon thousands of talented, awesome musicians all over the world who just don’t have the funding to successfully get their music out to the masses and allow everyone to revel in the beauty of music. Blisses B, a quartet from San Francisco was able to harness the power of the Internet and the power of music to release their third full-length album, Sea Level Astronomy through a Kickstarter program and the world should be rejoicing that a band as talented as this was able to get a little pick me up from the public. Instead of allowing the capitalistic dogma of the normal radio playing musical society to keep telling the masses what is good to listen to, now with options like a Kickstarter program, the masses can finally have a say in what is getting released. That’s an awesome sentiment and one that will one day truly effect how music gets popular. Blisses B make exceptional music and it is truly amazing that they got a chance to make the music they love and get it out on a professional recording.

Described as many things, from psychedelic rock to folk and bluegrass, the Blisses B mixes a myriad of styles to make one of the more happy albums of the year. I say happy because that is the only real concrete emotion that comes from listening to this album and it all stems from the joy the band has that they were able to finally release their music. There is certainly this intangible joy that the band exudes stemming from the huge moral victory that was gaining enough funds to actually put out this record. The upbeat, quick songs easily fall onto the ears as something worth replaying again and again. Noah Libby, the lead singer and lyricist does a good job of creating a theme of having an open mind when looking upon the world and letting different views of life influence our own lives through out the album. The theme fits perfectly with the general musical feel of the album too which only adds to the joyful feeling that is generated by listening. From the way “Montevideo,” the opening track, steadily marches along with Libby using his voice just as much of an instrument as his guitar to “Sea Level Astronomy” with the reverb and delicately played guitar, every song brings something jubilant to the table.

Putting my finger on what exactly Blisses B is doing that makes their music so happy and worth listening to is more abstract than anything. The major chords they employ and the simple yet effective drum fills, guitar riffs and usage of other classically psych rock techniques and strategies are good and sometimes even great. But it is the intangibles that the band brings to this album that truly allow it to shine through. Libby has this gruff, yet gentle voice that carries each song, making everything seem so personable. The way each chorus just fills a room with energy, from the animated vocals to the way the instrumentation feels more alive also helps make Sea Level Astronomy worth listening to. In the end, I think it is the thankful joy that the band has that random people would give them over 10,000 dollars to make music. That has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world, finally knowing people will pay for you to make music that you love, and it makes me feel happy that Blisses B appreciate that love enough to make an album with such a magical drive.

Rating: Loved It


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