Ben Kronberg Interview

by Tim

Maybe it was because how he was portrayed on Last Comic Standing, and the fact that he has appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers or maybe its the majestic beard but I was intimidated by Ben Kronberg. In fact I didn’t have the courage to get in contact with his people to do an interview. By happenstance, I ran into him after the 2nd night of the Highplains Comedy Festival and fun fact; Ben is super fucking nice! He said hi to me and I decided to ask for an interview. The following is part of what was said that night.

Guess who is Ben and guess who I am.

Guess who is Ben and guess who I am.

You roll your own? (He was about to smoke a cigarette)?
Yeah I don’t like the filters.

How would you describe your fashion sense? I feel like you’re Paul F Tompkins or like last night wearing a cut off shit and wearing a camo(uflage) hat.
Well I like the um I think I just like the extremes of things like being sillily overdressed or offensively underdressed, it’s a fun thing to do.

You did the Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction last night, do you like to do improv stuff like that or do you prefer standup?
I mean, I don’t like any of it…I’m joking (laughs).

Well there are people that don’t like their jobs but they just do it because they’re good at it, it could be your curse
Those people are Virgos um I don’t know I like it all. I think you need to force or put yourself in situations that are like here, do jokes about this new or unprepared thing but its also nice to have jokes so that way when you’re on stage you can go, oh yeah I have this joke I can tell.

Like you have it in your back pocket.
Yeah exactly!

So how much is stuff is actually in your notebook, and how much is just for the appearance? (Find Video of Ben with notebook)
That’s the thing; some people wear baggy jeans to hide their bugle, other people wear tight jeans and let their bulge happen. I think the notebook makes people pay attention to what’s happening. I don’t know that I could ever use the book in the way people think I use it. People make so many assumptions about what’s happening but that’s part of it. When I learned to use it, people would come up after and say, “Oh, you’re the guy with the note book”. So it gave the people a way to distinguish me out of the sea of white dudes with beards. Sort of like a oh nice pants.

You were on… Fallon or wait Seth Meyers because of the shirt (Ben was rocking a cutoff late Night with Seth Meyers shirt on the first night).
Yeah they gave me the shirt so I wore it for the joke of self-promotion (laughs).

So you obviously have a good chunk of material, are you trying to do an hour special or are you just trying to get reps in?
That’s a great question. I mean I’m going to be recording an album soon, I was doing it with a certain company but now I’m not so I’m doing it different so that’s where a lot of material is going towards; but an hour special is interesting because why do people care about me as a comedian? Some fans of comedy do but does the general public give a fuck when I take the stage?

Do they matter?
I mean yeah, because I mean it doesn’t but you gotta do everything you can do. I mean you want to be known so that you can be booked. They way to make money is to be bookable. It’s a business model. That’s not all there is but when you start doing comedy for money you gotta think about it.

Is there someplace you haven’t performed that you want to?
I mean yeah, everywhere that I haven’t performed (laughs).

(laughs) but nowhere specific?
I’ve idealized it enough that even if I were to make it come true, it won’t complete the picture. I mean I love to headline at my home club.

Which is where?
Comedy works (in Denver).
Oh sorry I’m from Albuquerque

Oh ok what the comedy club there?
I think is mainly an improv club but The Box. I don’t really hear too much coming to it. That or its the casinos, like Bill Burr, and Jim Gaffigan recently came through.

They all just burned it down, they just torched it (laughs)
Hopefully it’ll build up again in the near future. So since you’re from here do you know most of the local comedians at the festival?

*a girl walks up*
hi, oh sorry
*she walks away*

When a cute girl walks up and walks away, what do you say to that?
I’m Ben Kronberg I was on Late Night With Seth Meyers?
(laughs) but would that work?
I know one way to find out.
(Laughs) that’s true.

Or say, you may have seen me on Last Comic Standing, or I saved Nick Thune’s ass!
(Laughs) I’m going to say all my credits for my wedding vows. This is what I’ve done and this is why I’m relevant.

Or ask the priest to rattle them off, just really fuck up the whole thing (laughs) so that story Nick (Thune) said that was all true? (Go see Nick Thune’s standup or ask him in person about him and Ben being in Vegas.
Well yeah it is all true but he’s framing it like I saved him. If you remember I was in trouble too. I could have been busted (laughs). So yeah it works well and it’s flattering, I’m not going to be like “hey dude stop telling that story that I saved you” (laughs)

*at this point Chris Charpentier came up but I’ve removed that section because it was between the two of them*

Alright you gotta run so last question, Red or Green?


Sorry that the interview cut out but if you want to see more about Ben Kronberg go to his website and look out for his upcoming tour dates.


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