Christie Buchele Interview

Courtesy of Christie Buchele

Courtesy of Christie Buchele


Christie Buchele is a standup comedian out of Denver that I had the pleasure of bumping into at the Highplains Comedy Festival. She wrote a captivating piece of Erotic Fan Fiction and I knew that I had to look into her. Christie will be at the Comedy Works or at her show “Makin’ Fun at Deer Pile on the 25th at 8 pm. If you can’t catch her there then check out her podcast Empty Girlfriend which she co-hosts.

Do you prefer stand-up or writing comedy?
Well I don’t think you can have one without the other but if I was just writing for a show and not performing I don’t think it would be as fulfilling. I also hardly physically write my jokes. I write onstage for the most part so I know that the act of performing and putting my personality into the joke is my favorite part of the entire process. I also love the immediate feedback of a live performance. It’s also very fun to prepare a written piece like Erotic Fan Fiction or Arguments and Grievances and Denver debate show ran by Kevin O’Brien. Those shows require you to step outside your comfort zone and you never know what is going to work until you are in the moment. That is really exciting. 

What is your favorite venue, local and national, to perform at?
The best place to perform is Comedy Works Downtown. If you crush you can literally feel the laughter hit you in the face. I also like the Deer Pile which feels like a completely organic get together. Where you go to put on a show for all your friends. Feels nostalgic to me for some reason. But I could honestly say that winning over a drunk bar crowd at shitty open mic does it for me the most. That’s where we learn about how to stand out and where you learn the power over your own voice. I don’t know, this one is tough. There is something to get from every venue. I’ll do an open mic on the bus if I could. I just love pure stand-up. 

Do you plan on staying in Denver or moving to a bigger market?
OHHHHHHHHHHHHH this question. Denver is where my heart is an I feel blessed to wake up here every single day. I live in a city that inspires me to get better every single day. That being said I feel like I have to at least try it in a bigger market. You can always come home, you can’t say you know what would happen if you’ve never tried. If and when I go it will be California. But as long as feel space to grow and get better here it will be tough when to know when the right time to go is. 

What is the best way to kill time at work?
Answering interview questions for Rave Deaf of course! I am at work right now! I pass time at work by listening to podcasts mostly. Sometimes I actually do my job. There are a few other comedians who work with me so we tend to have a hilarious instagram feed. Mostly, I just listen to “We Did it All for Don” by Against Me on repeat and dream about the day I won’t be here. 

Cats or Dogs?
Cats! I have two sweet pussybears named Miyagi and Khaleesi and sometimes they are so aggressively cuddly that it’s tough to get out of bed. My sister text me the other day complaining about my facebook feed saying that she was tired of me talking about cats and comedy, cats and comedy, yada yada and all I could say is “What else is there?”

What are your “comedy goals” for this year?
For this year my goals are growing my podcast Empty Girlfriend with comedian Haley Driscoll. Going to the bigger markets and starting to put myself out there, I go to Chicago this week. I also want to get into more festivals. I’ve had Bridgetown written on my wall for like two years next to a chalk drawing of a cat… so there is that. I also want to start producing more of my own shows. 

Who is someone that you think doesn’t get enough hype or respect (excluding you) in comedy?
BRAD GALLI!!! I say this all the time but Brad Galli is the best joke writer in town. I think he gets overlooked because he is busy going to school right now so he can’t go out as much and his joke delivery is so laid back that it takes a few times to appreciate him but he is so so SO funny. Fuck. So funny. 

Your twitter bio says, “I enjoy a good cry and a good sandwich. Together.” Is that a happy cry or sad cry? Also, what kind of sandwich are we talking about?
I love to cry. I could cry at anything. I got teary eyed recently watching my friend do a set that was just so passionate. I also cried last year right before the Superbowl at something really stupid. I went to the Rodeo and a Cowgirl trotted around the arena with a Bronco flag and the entire crowd erupted. I love Denver. I love Football. But I love a cry that is happy and sad. Denver comedy is truly magic right now and I cry all the time because it is so beautiful, this thing we are building. And I cry because it’s not going to last forever, I am constantly nostalgic for the present. The Hangover Burger at City Grill (Drops Mic, to pick up a sandwich).

Do you have a favorite Erotic Fan Fic? Either by you or one that you’ve read.
I have listened to quite a few and seen quite a few. Over the podcast I really liked listening to Moshe Kasher’s Fievel goes west. Moshe playing up the Jewish mouse culture was hysterical. Watching the live show I would say that Troy Walker’s “The Raven” was my favorite prepared piece. He followed the tempo of the original piece and he followed the repetition of the original poem. So weird. So great. Listen to it! 

Red or Green?
Green for go, for life, for Colorado. For Weed, for Money. For Energy! For opportunity! For Seth! 

Note, the answers to the questions were emailed and were not altered in way to help give the most authentic interview possible.


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