Highplains Comedy Festival Superlatives

By Tim
Holy crap its already been a 3 weeks since the Highplains Comedy Festival. I’ve had time to think about the festival and rather than a long ass review I decided to do some superlatives.

Best Dressed

Kristin Rand & Ben Kronberg!
Kristin Rand and Ben Kronberg’s hilarity was matched only by their radiance. Kristin sported some lovely dresses while Ben went with the laidback cut off t-shirt from Late Night with Seth Meyers and camouflage hat look.

Best Surprise Guest

Morgan Miller!
T.J. Millers younger sister stepped in for a short sex during the Fine Gentleman’s Club show and it was cool to see the similarity between the siblings. The biggest similarities being their varied facial expressions and the fact that they were both hilarious. Put her on the lineup for next year. Also I feel she should go by the nickname Miller Lite.

Nicest Guy

Andy Juett!
Being 20 when most of the festival is 21+ makes it difficult to get into shows. Luckily the co-founder Andy was on it. He or the Walsh Bros would let me into the shows on the condition that I don’t drink. Name any other festival where you’ll have that kind of interaction with the founder. You can’t? Exactly. The personality really helped make the festival great.

The Most Standup Dude

Sean Patton!
There were lots of Standup Comedians but Sean Patton is a standup dude. If you see him make sure to buy him a non-roofied Peroni because he deserves it.

Best Trap House Story

David Gborie!
We all have those silly drunk trap house stories but David Gborie’s takes the cake. Also, anyone that I down with drill music is down with me,

Worst Smoothie

Howard Kremer!
Funny comedian…not the best at making smoothies. He should have had an intern do the prep work because stickers and fruit cores do not taste good. Then again it was free so I probably shouldn’t be bitching.

Best Intro

Fine Gentleman’s Club!
Mississippi Queen was my favorite. It’s a classis and I loved the energy but also a fuck you to whoever didn’t help crowd surf. Chris Charpentier isn’t that big but still I can’t be the holding him up, crowd surfing isn’t a one-man job. The crowd needs to step their shit next year.

Best New Find

The Walsh Brothers!
I’m not sure if I should consider them new because I watched all of The Great and Secret Comedy Show first season a while back and I wasn’t sure how it was going to translate to stage. Fun fact, the skits don’t transfer but their standup is hilarious. Chris and David have great chemistry and are master storytellers. They were also nice enough to sit down and do a two hour interview with me so keep an eye out for that.

Cutest Moment

T.J. Miller’s Family!
One the first night during the Tales of Drunken Glory and Shame T.J. went on a bit earlier than I expected. In hindsight I’m assuming its because his family was there. After his set about drunkenly yelling at his mother whilst drunk, his family shuffled out to what I’m guessing was an early bed time. All in all it was quite adorable.

Best Set

Pete Holmes!
I’d have to give this one to Pete Holmes. I’m biased because I loved him going in but his standup on the last night. Holy fuck. For those of you who missed it, it was his first time doing standup high and it showed. Pete’s mind would wander mid joke into hysterical riffs and random stories. I wish it could have been longer because it was the most genuine show I had ever seen and in a weird way I’m glad that he couldn’t handle his weed.

Biggest Fan Girl
Thank you to everyone at the festival it was a blast. It was surreal how nice the comedians were. Another thing that was shocking is how great the lineup was. At festivals there are usually one or two local acts that are off or plain suck but genuinely everyone was great. I’m already ready for next year.

Also, feel free to check out our interviews with some of the folks from the High Plains Festival and keep an eye out for our upcoming interviews with Christie Buchele, Ben Kronberg and our epic interview with the Walsh Bros!
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