Mara Wiles Interview

By Tim

Mara Wiles
To be honest I knew very little (nothing) about Mara Wiles when I went to the Highplains Comedy Festival. That being said I was pumped to have found the treasure trove of great, local comedians that were there. One of the standouts was the lovely Mara Wiles. Mara is a standup comedian and 1/2 of the duo Moxie with local Kristin Rand. Mara was hysterical during her “Drunken Tale of Glory and Shame” on the opening night of the festival. If you’re in the Denver area check her out on September 21st at the Syntax Physic Opera.

What is your favorite candy?
I love candy. I may have a sugar dependency. That being said, Snickers bars are my favorite sweet treat. If Snickers dipped in M&M’s existed that would be my favorite.

Who makes up Moxie and when can people see you?
Moxie! is my sketch group I have with my comedy partner and best gal pal Kristin Rand. We write, produce and perform in a live monthly sketch show called Moxie! Present the Kristin and Mara show! Our next show is September 21 at the Syntax Physic Opera on South Broadway.

Would you consider yourself more standup or improv?
Improv was my gateway drug into the world of comedy. I will always love improv and what I get from it but stand-up has been my main focus for awhile. Stand-up you get to share with people a little bit about yourself which can be exciting and scary.  It is a very personally challenging, satisfying and frustrating process but there is nothing quite like it. Making people laugh is the best.

You said in an that hoarding pigeons is weird. What are some other weird habits you hate?
I think we take too many selfies. ALL OF US. It is surprising how many pictures we take of ourselves considering how much we hate ourselves. And we are all a little too into our cell phones, I can be a real phone face myself but it is something I am always trying to work on. I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone 5. I wish I knew how to quit it.

Personally, my bad habit is I bite my own nails. Which I kind of hate but also kind of love. Especially if I have eaten a rotisserie chicken at some point earlier in the day. A great snack.

In your standup you talk about being drunk and wetting the bed. Are you sure that it wasn’t your other friend and she blamed you? Have you eaten at a P.F. Changs since “the incident”?
Oh man, Chang’s, no I hardly eat there now unless I am close to a mall. She never blamed me but we were both unclear of the series of events. THINGS WERE VERY FOGGY. I still hoping the wetness was from crawling in the wet grass.

In your standup you also said that you went to Boulder. Did you finish? If so, what was your degree in?
Yea! I finished. In four years thank you very much. I was a Broadcast News major, History Minor.

I’ve read that you had to have a kidney replacement surgery. How are you now? 100%?
Thanks for asking. I am doing really well.  I am living with an amazing gift that I have to take care of it. I am very lucky to have had a living donor give me my life back. I am not 100% but I am as close to it as I ever will be. I have to take care of myself with medicine and diet. Life is good and I am lucky to be enjoying it.

If you could add one more (alive) gal to “Moxie”, who would it be?
That’s a good one! Hmm there are so many amazing female performers to choose from. famous gals, Aidy Bryant or Kristin Wiig. Amy Sedaris. Tina Fey. Amy Poehler. I’ll take any of them as long as they can keep up with Kristin and I. This would be a dream team.

Last question, Red or green?
Red is my power color! but green helps me to relax. If I had to choose I would go with red, I am a fiery Aries.


Note, the answers to the questions were emailed and were not altered in way to help give the most authentic interview possible.


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