(Sweet) Beth Stelling Interview

By Tim

First off I want to say thank you to Beth for doing this interview. I first got in contact with her in June and she was great to work with. That being said Beth Stelling aka “Sweet Beth” aka the “White Tisha Campbell” is a comedian that everyone should be on the watch for. Originally from Oakwood, Ohio (a suburb of Dayton), Beth moved to Chicago to pursue comedy and most recently moved to LA. She has been a guest on the round table for Chelsea lately, won the internet on @Midnight and she has performed on The Pete Holmes Show, and Conan O’Brien. If you’re not sold on her then you’re fucking up.

Photo by Carlos Madrid.

Beth Stelling rocking a “Hair Veil” Photo by Carlos Madrid.

What is your favorite Candy?
Carob malt balls , right now. My candy palate is vast and ever-changing.

Any question you are tired of answering?
How I got started in comedy. It’s not that it’s annoying, just got asked it so much. I’m still happy to answer though.

Advice for female comedians (or advice in general)?
I’m happy to offer advice to men and women alike in regard to stand-up comedy. Advice for female comedians:

  1. Don’t fuck other comics until you are so confident in your comedy and voice that it can’t be taken away by being called “so-and-so’s girlfriend”
  2. Do what you think is funny. 
  3. Tell your story.
  4. You can try drinking or doing drugs before a set but I wouldn’t rely on them.

Have you actually kissed a homeless person?
Yes. It was in college and his name was Clinton. Truthfully, he was in between houses and was pussy surfing (like couch surfing but when you try to sleep with someone each night so you don’t have to pay rent somewhere).   

Why do you think so many comedians are coming out of Chicago? (Kumail, T.J. Miller, Kyle Kinane, Pete Holmes, and more)
It’s an entry level city. And I don’t mean to take away from it by saying that. It’s an easy city to move and get adjusted to and it has the Midwest kindness flowing so you’re not a little bitty lost in a big city as much as you would be in New York or LA. It’s got a long standing history of producing excellent comedians so that, too, just contributes to the long list of comics who flock there to be the next TJ, Kyle, Pete, Kumail, Gilda, John, Amy, Tina, you name it.  

You did speech and debate, how did you do?
I was the state champion of Ohio my senior year of high school (2003) and three time national qualifier but never placed at nationals, all in Humorous Interpretation. 

How has your family reacted to your success?
My family is endlessly supportive and proud of whatever I do. I’m very lucky to have a strong family unit. My mom is my biggest motivator.

You went to the University of Miami correct? Did you finish?
Yes I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2007 from Miami with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. I did a Thematic Sequence in English Modernism and Focus Study in Voice and Movement.  

You’ve done lots of standup, would you/have you written for other projects?
I have written my own pilot, written a pilot with pals and I’m working on another with a writing partner right now. I’ve also worked in the writer’s room at MTV’s Ridiculousness which I loved because the people there are so great.

Are you planning on putting out a new album anytime soon?
If I do an hour special in the next year or two, I will put out an album with it. 

Name a comedian that you think you could take in a fight?
Mo Welch.

Are you planning on watching any comedians at the festival?
I’m going to try not to, but if I happen to walk into a room where comedy is going on I’ll stay and listen for a bit.  

Red or Green?

Note, the answers to the questions were emailed and were not altered in way to help give the most authentic interview possible.


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