Kristin Rand Interview

by Tim

Kristin Rand is a hilarious stand up comedian, and one half of the group Moxie based out of Denver, Colorado (as opposed to the other Denvers). She is a master of on the spot Erotic Fan Fiction and she Mc’d the final night. If you’re in the Denver keep an eye out for this diamond in the rough.

The Lovely Kristin Rand.  Photo Courtesy of SexPot Comedy

The Lovely Kristin Rand.
Photo Courtesy of SexPot Comedy

How long have you been doing standup/tell me about your first time performing?
almost 6 years, i think. i started when I was in college in Norman, Oklahoma at an open mic at an Italian restaurant. I had a lot of support even though I’m sure I was fucking terrible. 

Where did you learn to roller-skate? Did you ever play hockey or Roller-Derby?
I’ve never played any sports on wheels. i know i’m built for it. 

Do you prefer standup or improv?
I don’t do improv. 🙂 so, stand up. 

Which restaurant has $5 all you can eat wings?
a place called pub on penn. only on Wednesdays. I went last week, they were really quite terrible. don’t tell anyone I said that. 

If you could add one (alive) gal to Moxie who would it be?
amy poehler. 

If you could go perform in any city where would it be? (Remember we’re based out of Albuquerque….)
of course my first choice is abq! I’ve heard great things about abq!  

What is the 48-hour challenge?
The 48 hour film project is an annual competition where teams enter and are given a movie genre, prop, character and line of dialogue and then must create an original short film incorporating all those things in 48 hours. that includes writing the script/screenplay, filming it, editing it and in our case we work with an awesome dude Randy Washington who composes original music as well.the nix brothers entered the contest last year for the first time, they picked an amazing team that I was so lucky to be on and we ended winning a couple cool awards. 

Who is someone you love to hate?
the kardashians. 

You said you read lots of spirituality books. Is there a god(s)? Or an afterlife?
i think god is everywhere. and I’m not concerned with an afterlife really. my life here is enough and I like to believe that when I die, I’m done. that thought is delicious to me. 

This is the second year for the High Plains Comedy Festival. What is the biggest change that you’ve seen?it’s bigger & badder. more shows, more comics, more sponsors. it’s the best thing ever. 

Do you think you’ll stay in Denver or try to branch out to a larger market?
I love denver. I think it’s the perfect place to live and love and get good at comedy. I want to continue to travel for shows but I want denver to remain my home base. 🙂

Red or Green?
green. WINK. 

Note, the answers to the questions were emailed and were not altered in way to help give the most authentic interview possible.


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