Wolfgang Gartner Concert review

Wolfgang Gartner Concert review

Wolfgang Gartner


Let me start by saying I’ve made it a point to avoid complaining or bashing music on this site. I want to find and promote new music that I think other people would like to listen to. I also want to point out that I am beyond excited to have Too Zany and Redfish Entertainment bringing great new acts to Albuquerque. Wolfgang Gartner was one of my first introductions to electronic music. That being said, what the fuck happened at the show?


I showed up at nine, a half hour after the show was about to start, and the local DJs were on. When Wolfgang Gartner was listed as the only person on the billing I expected an hour and a half or more from him. Not the case. I’m always game to support local DJs, and they were all pretty good, but after two and half-hours I was beyond irritated. Brendon Luke was the only really notable one in my opinion. The main issue was that ninety minutes of deep house is way too much. Most shows try to have some variety, but the openers had none and they blended together into a creation of boredom. By the end, huge pockets of the crowd were chanting for Wolfgang or simply booing off the local DJ.


Finally, a bit after twelve, Wolfgang Gartner came on. The atmosphere changed instantaneously. The excitement was palpable and everyone was jumping. After playing his classic Space Junk, it started to go downhill for me. The El Rey had started to get crowded but not with the people you want. Sweaty fuckbois kept running into people unable to handle their high. Other people started to get aggressive and try to start moshpits, slamming and assaulting unsuspecting concertgoers. Just 45 minutes in I had to leave. I had a bum foot and the environment turned into a scene of douchebaggery that is slowly becoming synonymous with “EDM culture”.


That ultimately is my biggest fear. It sounds super elitist, and it might be, but I’m worried that the shows that are coming are going to be more and more about the experience rather than the music. I don’t care what you do at the shows, as long as you don’t fuck them up for others.



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