K.Flay Interview

By Tim

If you’re going to Warped Tour this summer then the act you must see is Stanford’s pride and joy, K.Flay. She just released her first full-length album Life As A Dog that is bound to be an album of the year. We were lucky enough to get an interview with the rising act.

K.Flay at the Launchpad April 2nd, 2014

K.Flay at the Launchpad April 2nd, 2014



Hey how’s it going?

Good! Im in a hotel in Houston & it’s 3:37am.


You used PledgeMusic to fund this album and it seemed to be a success. Do you have any plans to sign to another label or will you remain independent?

Honestly, I’m not sure what the future will hold. I formed a label to put out the record, so now I’ve got the infrastructure to release material independently, whenever I want, which is an awesome feeling, especially after being on a major label for several years. Although it’s been a lot of work, releasing ‘Life As A Dog’ has been one of the best things ever.


What can you tell use about First Book?

First book is an organization that promotes literacy within communities and schools. For me, reading played such a formative role in my development — I wanted to support that with the pledge project.


Who all helped make this album with you?

Oh man. A lot of people. The cool thing was that everyone got involved in a super organic way.

Would you considering expanding? By that I mean is Nick (Suhr?) going to become a permanent musician with your or do you like switching it up?

Nick is the only drummer I’ve toured with — he & I had such a crazy chemistry the first time we met. We’re like weird siblings.


You worked with Allen Stone, Grieves, Zion I and lots more. Who would you want to work with?

I just saw St. Vincent play a few weeks back. She is so crazy talented. It would be awesome to work with her.


You made a fantastic little story (The Hole), do you think you’ll write anymore or in a longer/different format?

Thank you. I’m not sure — I like the idea of zines & weird limited press stories. I sometimes find it strange to write things that aren’t songs, but it’s kind of a nice challenge for me.


For your collab on Hail Mary, who got in touch with whom? Was it Danny, Felix or you that got the ball rolling?

I had written & produced a demo of the song, which I played for Felix in LA. He reworked the production & I started revising the lyrics. In the midst of all that, I remixed one of Danny’s songs off XXX (‘Party All The Time’), which connected the two of us. I had recorded a few verses for ‘Hail Mary’ but felt like it was missing something, so I sent Danny the track.


You’ve opened up for the like of Icona Pop, Das Racist and Snoop among others. Who was the coolest and who gave you the best advice?

Everyone has been really cool. I think the best advice I got (and I’m not sure who gave it to me) was to not suck live.


Have you dealt with any sexism being a female in the music industry and especially as a female rapper?

I think that as a woman in the music industry, regardless of genre, you experience a certain degree of sexism. But I hope that in a weird small way I’m doing something to help change that.


You have a book club of sorts, what book are you on now and what are some books that you consider to be classics??

I’m currently reading The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner. Some of my favorite classics are: The Sound & The Fury, White Noise, Mrs. Dalloway, The Bell Jar, Crime & Punishment, Lolita.


You had some really cool graphics when you were here last (in Albuquerque), did you design those?

Maybe? I might have been drinking wine.

Red or Green (chile)?

Both! Christmas.


Thank you to Austin Griswold for getting us in touch and of course thank you to the lovely K.Flay!


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