Neon Desert Recap

Neon Desert was last weekend and it was a blast. They had a little bit of everything for everyone. Here are the most notable things from the festival.

Best Intro: GTA

 The Wolf Of Wall Street humming remix shits on all of your basic ass openings.

Dumbest question: Purity Ring is a chick?
That’s Megan you illiterate fuck. It very clearly said it was going to be a dj set. Furthermore, did you come to see Purity Ring and not know that a woman does the vocals? GTFO

Coolest Names: Bobby Miracles and Jean-Luc Duvalier
You would thing that Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo would win but it’s an upset for the ages! I’m sorry but Jean-Luc is just a baller name, especially in the southwest and if Bobby doesn’t walk around telling people he’s a miracle then he is fucking up. They also win the Best New Find award for me. When you go to a festival there are lots of realatively unknown bands and so its cool to always check them out. I had heard about Bulletproof Tiger but actually hearing/seeing them live solidified them as a band to watch out for.

Bobby on the prowl

Bobby on the prowl

Best Food: Basico Bistro
The sandwich was good but I mainly loved the fact that they were hyped and giving out free samples. Bitches love samples.

Best Drink: The Free Water
Alcohol is great and whatnot, but nothing beats free water after you’ve been going at it for 8 hours. If you don’t have water and you’re a festival in the southwest you need to. It cuts down on dehydration and keeps the people who are rolling for becoming over exhausted.

Most Athletic: Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo
Sir Bob of the Bloody Beetroots has mad hops. Like $20 says that he could make it in the NBA’s D-league. That coupled with the energy he exerted running around the stage, interacting with fans, and without missing a note.

Also one other thing worth mentioning, those random flashes of light are inside of his mask. For a good 75% the show he cannot see and has to have guitars and mics bought to him.

Coolest Stage: The Silent Disco
If you haven’t been to a Silent Disco then you’re missing out.

 Did that look weird? In order to hear the music the DJ plays you have to be wearing headphones. So when you see them all singing along, they’re not crazy there is music. Only they can hear it though..

Best Place To Relax: The Mattresses
Do you ever get tired and think, “damn I’d like to take nap” or “shit I want to sit down”. Well Neon Desert just straight up had comfy ass mattresses that you could sit or cuddle or whatever. It was clutch.

Biggest “Círculo de Paz”: Panteón Rococó
I honestly didn’t know who they were but El Paso sure as hell did. The whole crowd, like literally, as far as the eye can see, was dancing, jumping, and or moshing and just getting down. They also started one of the biggest Círculo de Paz (basically a circle pit but nice?) I’ve ever seen. Fights were breaking out, people were hooking up in the midst of the chaos, and it was wild.

Most improved: MGMT
MGMT trippy background
Last time I saw MGMT was 2008 and they were opening for Beck. It was a not even a year after Oracular Spectacular was released and maybe 30% of the crowd was there for them. Andrew was quiet and the band seemed…nervous I guess. So naturally I was excited to see them co-headline a music fest and see how they had changed. For one they obviously had more material to play. Next, the band seemed way more relaxed and playful. Andrew interacted with the crowd more, laughed when he messed up trying to plug in his chord seemed a lot more comfortable. Lastly, their screen and effects were the tits. From the 3D journey of an bird (maybe it was a owl) during Of Moons, Birds & Monsters to the weird insect like creature from Alien Days to their elaborate and seizure inducing intro MGMT had probably the best graphics…or at least 2ndto Zedd’s.

MGMT alien days Striped

Alien Daze

Best Phrase: “YASSS”
You had to be there.

Biggest Crowd: Zedd

Imagine an entire city block and a half filled with 15,000+ people cringing and fighting to get closer to the stage. I’m having flashbacks just thinking about it…

Most Under Appreciated Attraction: The Artists Area
There were about 8 or 10 artists that made murals over the course of the two days. It was really cool to seem them work and some of them were giving away prints!

courtesy of @maintainstudio

courtesy of @maintainstudio

Courtesy of @mrdvice

Courtesy of @mrdvice

courtesy of @moistrix


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