Bloody Beetroots Interview

By Tim

Equipped with his 1977 chest tattoo and his signature mask the former Italian garage punk prodigy Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo is ready to create Chaos and Confusion. Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, aka The Bloody Beetroots has a diverse style, having worked with acts from Steve Aoki, Theophilus London, P-Thugg and most recently Sir Paul McCartney. At nine o’clock on Saturday night, The Bloody Beetroots will bring their epic style of Chaos and Confusion to the Neon Desert festival. I was lucky enough to have Sir Bob answer some questions prior to the festival.



Me: How are you? And how is the tour?

The Bloody Beetroots: I’m fine thanks! The tour so far has been amazing, I’m about to begin touring in the USA, I’m really looking forward to it.


Me: You’ve been to El Paso before; do you remember the city or have a particular memory associated with it?

TBB: I remember that the crowd was particularly responsive… and it was very hot! I was sweating so much under the mask…


Me: You’ve been around the world touring, is there a venue or city that you haven’t played that you still want to? Or someone you want to tour with that you haven’t?

TBB: I’d really love to go to India, I’ve never been there.


Me: Dillon Francis said that your remix of “Ill to Destroy” inspired him to get into producing. Is it weird to see such an immediate reaction to your influence?

TBB: I would not say weird. I am constantly inspired by the work of other artists and musician. That’s one of the marvelous things about art, isn’t it? That inspires other people to create something new. And this is one of the reasons that make you keep doing what you do. It’s always very nice to hear something like that, is something that makes you feel better; I think it means you’re going to the right direction.

Me: Your mask has become iconic within the “EDM” scene. Have Sony or Marvel contacted you in regards to your mask and copyright?

TBB: First of all, I want to specify that this is The Bloody Beetroots mask and not a generic Venom mask. My mask is simply inspired by the Venom character, but is not an exact copy, so I’m not plagiarizing anything.

(Sir Bob Cornelius) Bloody Beetroots

Me: You said in an interview that Tanino Liberatore was the “Michelangelo of the post-modern era”. How would you describe yourself to someone who did not know you or your sound?

TBB: Chaos and Confusion.


Me: A while back you expressed interest in possibly doing a short film, do you see that happening in the near future? Or is that a long-term goal? Also, what filmmakers do you look to or admire?

TBB: It will definitely happen, but I can’t say when. Touring is fantastic but also very tiring, so when I’ll finish it I’ll definitely need to take some time for myself.

I am a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino, but I also love Italian Cinema: I’m crazy for Fellini, Antonioni, Monicelli ,Leone & Sorrentino of course.


Me: What was the first album that you bought? What album did you most recently buy or who is a modern artist that each of you thinks everyone should listen to?

TBB: Sex Pistols, “Anarchy in The Uk”, French Edition on vinyl.

In terms of modern artists, I would say Death Grips.


Me: You said your first starting producing in ’98 as Cafeaudio and there are some tracks scattered throughout the interweb, but are there any songs from “Bob Rifo’s Gang” that people can listen to?

TBB: I think that if you look carefully on Youtube you might stumble across something interesting….


Me: You’re a big proponent of people creating their own music. Are you strict, or do you mind if people sample your work?

TBB: There’s nothing wrong in taking inspirations from people you admire, and if sampling is just a point of start is fine. Nowadays everyone does that. But you always have to remember that you have to transform these things in something personal, you have to make them yours.


Me: This may sound dumb but is Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo your real name?

TBB: Of course not.


Me: Lastly, a New Mexican question ( is based from Albuquerque, NM), Red or Green (chile)?


A big thanks to Soraya Sobh for helping facilitate the interview and Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo for taking the time to answer our questions


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