Danny Spiteri – Crea Island

5211826Danny Spiteri

Crea Island

24 April 2014 (Self-Released)

Patrick DeBonis

Danny Spiteri is a twenty-year-old producer based out of San Jose, California who is part of the Cridius collective.  In a time where producers can sound like whoever they want or no one at all, Spiteri walks the thin line between original production and sampling, using both styles respectively to make something uniquely his.

The sounds of nature have been making guest appearances in music for an inordinate amount of time.  The most popular of which is the gurgling of water and the all-encompassing sound of the forest.  Water is much more than a simple replacement to the background or the creation of rhyme; the use of water stems from the emotional connotations it frequently embodies.  Water takes the shape of a mood more than anything else.  One of the more straightforward examples of this is Nicolas Jaar’s use of water on “Etre.”  Between the voices and the sloshing of water a mysterious and a slightly disturbing feeling is created.  The forest on the other hand dictates a much larger, bombastic sound that does more to hide and distort more than anything else.

Danny Spiteri’s Crea Island starts off with a similar idea of water setting the mood for the rest of the EP.  Crea Island rambles between subdued electronics and crunching repetitive samples.  Throughout the EP a continual presence of water and mimicking sounds seem to dictate the direction the music is flowing.

The opening track “Cinema” creates a vapor wave experience that is not necessarily followed by the rest of Crea Island.  From the opening chords, you can tell a very spiffy computer is being booted up.  The digital sounds gurgle over the sustained synthetic strings as this out of place computer tries to start.  By the time “Seafaring Bauble” bubbles up to the surface, the computer is in full throttle and starting to blow back the steamy vapor.

While the sounds of the forest dull down most music, Spiteri uses them to spin his beats in an organic direction.  The frequent appearances of the flute and forest noise develop surprisingly danceable and nonchalant tracks.

As a whole, Crea Island gives off a lo-fi but professional vibe.  Spiteri relates each track almost blatantly but successfully avoids painful redundancies that some producers tend to fall into.  Each track presents it’s own funky melody with just the right amount of sound style overlap as the one before it.  Crea Island exists more as a soundscape than an album or an EP.  The tracks make more sense together than apart and hover somewhere between an organic  expansion and the depths of the internet digital palm trees.  Spiteri can really go anywhere with his debut album at this point, Crea Island gives nothing away, yet leaves you wanting even more.

Rating: Liked It


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