GoldLink- The God Complex



The God Complex

1 April 2014 (Self-Released)

By Sophia Abbey

GoldLink hails from the DC area Virginia, and while he does show some similarities to other DC artists like Wale, his sound bears the most resemblance to Chance The Rapper or Kendrick Lamar on “Rigamortis”. GoldLink brings in elements of classic Hip-Hop and R&B while also running with a very modern production style, even rapping over Britney Spears’ “Toxic” on a track. For having such a small catalogue of music he is very self-referential in his lyrics, which can be off putting at first. He recently released his debut album “The God Complex” through Soundcloud, and made it available for a free download. In the description, GoldLink inserted a quote by Rob Bell, founder of Mars Hill Church. “The moment God is figured out with nice neat lines and definitions, we are no longer dealing with God.” The album is perfect for the summer time, conjuring up images of laying in the park picnicking with friends or driving around the suburbs with the windows rolled down. The album may hit under 30 minutes but it does not disappoint, packing enough chill to tranquilize a bear.

GoldLink is only 20 years old, so at times his songs can seem immature and not fully developed. However that’s only the highest praise as it’s apparent that he’s so talented now and he’ll only move up. His younger age is most apparent in the reckless emotions of his songs. He goes back and forth lyrically, sometimes giving the listener a dose of intense emotional distress like a Drake song, then seconds later will rap about his extensive sex life. On CNTRL he sings “Lose me baby, lose me baby, lost my mind, I’m crazy” before going on to discuss how he’s losing himself to promiscuity and needs to find control again. On Divine he raps “I set the table for you, it’s about to me and you, I’m coming home to get you,” over an incredibly poppy and bubbly beat. On this track he laments over his sensitivity, repeating “Damn I got feelings” over and over.

These lines and complete bare emotion are sprinkled among gems  like “I run from state to state and tap that ass up like a drum” from his track “How It’s Done”. His emotional confusion makes a roller coaster of an album, only kept constant by the steady bounce of the beats and slight drawl in his voice. The album comes to the conclusion with the track “When I Die”. It opens with an inconsistent beat that eventually comes together when GoldLink starts to rap. He opens the song with more emotion, delivering the lines: “When I die I need my baby girl to come back home, When I die I hope my mama get to read that poem, When I die I just want my father to apologize,” with an incredible amount of purpose. The track ends with the sobering sounds of a car crash and a voice softly breaking the tension —“repeat”.

Listen and download “The God Complex” below

Favorite tracks: Planet Paradise, Hip Hop, Fuck Being Polite, Bedtime Story

Rating: Gotta Have It



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