Cage the Elephant Interview

An Interview with Cage the Elephant

By Tim Carlton- McQueen

Last night Cage the Elephant blew the lid off the Sunshine Theater. After the carnal madness I went to catch up with the band. *Disclaimer, The questions/answers were not asked in sequential order or person because Cage was helping get stuff on the bus and/or the band was busy meeting with numerous fans. They stayed more than an hour to sign and take pictures with the masses that were waiting and that is when I had some time to ask them each a question or two.


ME: How is the tour going?
Matt: “It’s been great man”
David: “They’re always great fun, can’t complain”


ME: What is it like going from a festival like Coachella to smaller venues? Which do you prefer?
Jared: “There is always this special energy at festivals but we love the smaller shows because they’re more intimate


ME: Is there a city or venue that you haven’t played that you want to?
Brad: “Madison Square Garden”
Nick: “Yeah Madison Square Garden for sure”
Jared: “I think Venice would be really cool”


ME: How is it with Nick? Did the dynamics of the band change or any first tour tension?
Brad: “Not really, its not like he was someone completely random. We had heard of him through lots of bands, Kentucky bands especially like Morning Teleportation. I think they’re one of the best bands and (we) value their opinion so we looked into him.  Turns out his dad was a singer and he also did some keyboards so it worked out perfectly”.

Nick: “It was amazing. I feel like the band was a family and they accepted me right away. They’ve always been real inspiring to me for what they’ve done and… I think there is something I can add to the band and I feel like I can really contribute.


ME: Before you recorded your latest album you sort of isolated yourselves, how come?
Brad: “We had been together pretty much non-stop for 6 years in a row and we’ve loved it but we all just needed a break to have our own space. I love the guys and I think that distance helped us all get a better idea of how we wanted to marry our ideas and contribute to the band when we came back together”.


ME: Lastly, Red or Green chile?
Brad: “Hatch Chile! Wait what kind? Like with peppers or?”
Me: Yeah not Texas Chili
Brad: “Oh then hell yeah green Hatch chili!”
Brad: “I lived in Amarillo so I prefer red”

Thank you to the members of Cage the Elephant for taking the time to answer our questions and being such good sports. At first I wasn’t sure if they were just putting on a facade but now I have no doubt that not only are they one of the hardest rocking bands but they’re also one of, if not, the nicest rock band.



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