Bear Hands – Distraction

Bear Hands


Cantora Records (18 February 2014)

by Tim

Bear Hands is a four-piece band from New York that I’m having trouble describing. Post-Punk seems to be too aggressive of a title and indie rock sounds, to be honest, douchey. Electronic rock, or synthetic rock might be better genres but whatever. Bottom line is these guys are good. Their latest album Distraction is another early front runner form my album of the year.

This is the first album I have heard by Bear Hands and I love their unique style. The cadence of the vocals, and tempo varies song from song, which creates a sense of originality on every track. That coupled with a great use of synthesizers and effects on the vocals make for a lovely sound. Many artists distort their voices until its garbled or just sounds shitty, but Bear Hands manages to keep it a great level. Usually this would be the part of my review where I would put examples of songs that exemplify my previous statements but really, all of the vocals have a great sound. The lyrics aren’t as easy to comprehend. They remind me lyrically of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You know great sounding and intelligent but occasionally it’s a tad difficult to tell what the song is about. Maybe I’m just dumb, whatever.

Instrumentally the band keeps it tight. There aren’t any crazy solos or wild attempts to be over the top but it keeps consistent variation song from song. The drums and bass keep a constant groove and work harmoniously with the rest of the band but they aren’t shoved to the back like most bands. All instruments are present and can be heard on any given song.

If you haven’t figured it out yet I love the album. Some bands I love only appeal to certain genres but this band has a universal sound that I’m sure you will love. Lastly, Bear Hands is coming to Albuquerque on April 22nd! If you weren’t going to see Cage the Elephant now you really should. Here is their latest music video for Peace Keep and make sure to check it and go get their EP.


Ratting: Gotta Have it


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