Middle Class Rut

Middle Class Rut


March 27th

By Tim


“I know it’s a Thursday but we’re going to play like it’s a Friday,” proclaimed guitarist and vocalist Zack Lopez before he went into a frenzied performance of Lifelong Dayshift. They went off; I’ve never heard anyone bang their shit so loud. They assaulted their instruments like their taxi driver shortchanged them 20¢ (man I hope you got that reference). The auditory blitzkrieg did hype the crowd who would occasionally move and get moshing but they were a tad subdued. I mean Tyler, the Creator had a more intense audience. When did rap shows get more aggressive than rock shows?


But I digress; I arrived at the show late to miss the openers but just in time for Middle Class Rut. I think I saw Sean in the parking lot running around and getting his blood going. The Launchpad had a smaller crowd but there was plenty of energy. They came out with an ominous rendition of what I think was Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” mixed with the infamous “Operation of the Machine” speech by Mario Salvo. They then went into a brutal version of “Sad to Know” and it was full speed ahead from there. I was surprised it took until “Alive or Dead” for the mosh pit to get going but it definitely escalated quickly. By the time they played “Busy Bein’ Born” and “New Low” the crowd was finally with them and singing along.


Things climaxed towards the end when Sean picked up his acoustic and performed “Dead Eye”. Their vocals are good on CD but live the combo of both of their voices plus no drums sent chills down my spine (in a great way). Then they of course responded and ended their set with “Lifelong Dayshift” which naturally got the people going. They then came back for an encore which turned into a giant blur.


By the end everyone was a sweaty mess and it was glorious. I was kind of bummed they didn’t play Cornbred but that’s how it goes. If you get a chance make sure to see Middle Class Rut. They also have a special 7’ that is coming out for Record Store Day so be on the lookout for that bad boy.



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