Markus Schulz: Scream 2


Markus Schulz

Scream 2

21 February 2014 ( Armada Music) 

by Tim Carlton- McQueen

Markus Schulz (aka Dakota, and Unicorn Slayer) German born is a Trance/Progressive House artist that has been active since about 1990. Since then he has gone on to make 7 albums (2 as Dakota) and is “ranked” the 21st Best DJ in the world by

Now would probably be a good time to say that I’ve never been a huge Markus Schulz fan. He is a decent trance/house artist but pales in comparison to Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Above and Beyond, and Armin van Buuren. His songs, like most Trance in my opinion are too bland for me. Bland works as background music or if you’re incredibly stoned but not if you’re looking for singles beware.

So those were my fear going into Scream 2, the follow up to his 2012 LP Scream. So first off I have to ask, Scream 2? I get making sequential albums but maybe don’t title them Scream 1 & 2. Are you trying to make a horror movie knockoff? But the name is not that important.

The music I will say is a step up from his previous albums. In the past the biggest way to differentiate from song to song (for me) was to hear the different vocals. This album has better and fewer vocal features such as Chris Madin, Adina Butar, and Amy Kirkpatrick. The decrease in vocals put more expectation and emphasis on the beats and music itself which historically has not been Markus Schulz’ strong point. However, on this album he delivered a solid variety of tracks while still staying within the Trance/Progressive House sound. You can push play at any given point throughout the album and hear a truly individual song. One of my complaints with trance as a whole is that it sounds to similar. Markus Schulz has made on of the better Trance records I have heard because he makes each track its own. Whether it’s a slight change in BPM (126-128-130) between songs or an added effect here and there each track stands alone (have I emphasized that enough?).

I would say that I like this album. It gets a tad long at 72 minutes but if you like EDM, especially trance, give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Listen to it here

Rating: Liked It



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