EP Round Up: Paper Bison, Flosstradamus, & Buckethead


Paper Bison

Self Titled

Released: 1 February 2014 (Independently)

by Tim

The fearsome foursome known as Paper Bison have finally released their self titled debut EP. The EP consists of 4 independently produced songs and it shows to their benefit. The lack of a polished sound benefits the band. It gives them a more intimate sound that seems to be lost with most indie albums, and yes I am considering them to be indie because they aren’t on a label.

If I had to compare them (and I do), I would say that the band sounds like a Beck, Dr. Dog, Deerhunter, Jeff the Brotherhood, Cold War Kids combo. If that sounds appealing definitely check them out.

Their album is streaming and available to download at http://paperbison.bandcamp.com/album/paper-bison-ep

Rating: Liked It




Released: 16 January 2014 (Self-Released)

Love or hate them (you love them) you have to respect FLOSSTRADAMUS as being one of the most creative modern electronic acts today. This time J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci) got really creative and released their EP via thumbdrive.  That doesn’t sound too impressive but the thumbdrive was in a custom vaporizer. For all you straightedges out there a vaporizer is a ” to vaporize THC or other substances by heating to a temperature short of the point of combustion, thereby eliminating or substantially reducing harmful smoke toxins that are normally present in most smokes. Basically you get a state of the art pipe and an awesome mixtape.

Onto the mixtape, FLOSSTRADAMUS has been known to bring the best of hip-hop and electronic and on this mixtape they feature lots. B⚠NNED 3D crams in JUICY J, RIFF RAFF, DANNY BROWN, WAKA FLOCKA FLAME, YELLOW CLAW & LNY TNZ, BAAUER & RL GRIME into the thirty-two minutes mixtape. In my opinion I think FLOSSTRADAMUS is a great balance of sampled material combined with original work. FLOSSTRADAMUS sticks with their party anthem trap style (see Mosh Pit) that is hit or miss for some people but is a big positive for me.

The mix is very good but I preferred Banned 2’s amount of hip-hop. Lastly the best way to listen to FLOSSTRADAMUS is live. Their energy and live sets are nearly impossible to follow up. See them if you get the chance and if the vapes get back in stock.

Rating: Liked it



You Can’t Triple Stamp a Double Stamp

Released: 9 January 2014 (Bucketheadland)

How do you follow up 37 albums in 2014? Well if you’re Buckethead you put out 6 more albums…in January. Buckethead is notoriously known for his non-stop work ethic coupled with eccentric guitar skills.

This review will focus on his January 9th release of “You Can’t Triple Stamp a Double Stamp”(an allusion to the Dumb and Dumber quote”. This is the 44 year old’s seventy-fourth studio album, and the forty-fourth part of the Buckethead Pikes Series. The Buckethead Pike Series are albums that are to music as comic books are to a series. This is clearly evident in the clever album artwork that accompanies all of the albums in the Pike series.

That all out of the way this album goes hard. Buckethead rocks out 13 songs in under 30 minutes. The album starts with an ominous organ that would make you think the album would be a bit more experimental but it is mainly hardcore or “progressive metal” if you will. The organ makes some interesting appearances throughout the album but I was really impressed by the speed of Buckethead and the creativity. More hardcore music (that I have heard) tends to be a bit bland and redundant. Each song has a different sound but contributes to the overall progressive metal sound that I think Buckethead was going for.

Personally I really enjoyed the album. It keeps the instrumental aspect of hardcore/progressive metal but does not attempt the vocals. Vocals are very hit and miss but the pounding drumbeats layered under distorted guitar are always good in my mind. Buckethead delivers a stellar combination of heavy guitar and drums and maintains a fresh pace the whole time.

Rating: Liked it


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