Duck Droppings by Duck Sauce


by Tim

In 2010 DJ godfathers Armand Van Helden and A-Trak joined forces and formed the “Nu-disco/Nu-house” duo Duck Sauce. Since then the duo has released “Greatest Hits, “Ducktape”, and most recently their EP “Duck Droppings”.

The EP is nothing special is terms of Duck Sauce. It lacks the big hit single like “Barbara Streisand”, or “Big Bad Wolf” but it boasts four solid funkadelic electronic songs. Each song stands out from sampling of “Brother Louie” by Hot Chocolate to the epic buildup in “Mondo” that has come to be synonymous with Duck Sauce.

The only complaint I have is that the songs can be a bit repetitive and lack variation but whatever, that’s what Duck Sauce does, creates catchy beats, add a good vocal sample, and repeat. So with this album I’m conflicted. I’m going to say Gotta Have It Even though I just liked it. I mean it’s free, why not get it?


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