Del Tha Funkee Homosapien- Iller Than Most


Del Tha Funkee Homosapien 

Iller Than Most

Released: 2 January 2014 (Self-Released) 

By Sophia Abbey

Teren Delvon Jones, aka Del tha Funkee Homosapien is by no means new to this, but his most recent LP, “Iller Than Most” sounds like a fresh start. Del spends more time exploring a new world for this album, a more underground production style, similar to Death Grips and Clipping. Del presented his album to the internet on Soundcloud with the disclaimer: “This is a new FREE LP that is futuristic and fun – but still on some hip- hop shit. Lyrically ill but fun to listen to, nothing super heavy. I did the production on it as well. Hope y’all enjoy it, peace.” The album certainly isn’t too heavy, with a minimal amount to read into, and a definite fun, upbeat atmosphere about it. It really just sounds like something my son will play at his bar mitzvah in 2035.

The production delves deep into this strange, discordant, future sound of Hip-Hop, with choppy, glitchy, angry beats. It doesn’t always feel right because Del’s voice is more fit towards more mellow or out of the way production. However, Del really works well to meld the world of classic, stylized, lyrical precision and funky, spaced out noise-beats. At the end of the opening track, “Leader”, Del repeats the phrase “this the part where we wile out”, assumingly poking fun at the current party rap.

“Boogieman” is probably the song that best showcases Del’s interesting voice, with a more classic, less intrusive beat. “Grand Royal” is probably the best track in this set to measure his lyrical ability, although it sounds strong throughout the LP. However his pre- lyric speech on this track is more confusing and disconcerting than anything and is just comes off as annoying. Bitin Ain’t Samplin is without a doubt the most interesting piece from “Iller Than Most”. The song sounds like a strange lucid dream, one where I’m walking down that tunnel between the freeway and Netherwood. The whole album actually sounds like it should be played at a weird tunnel party, echoing across the cement, startling kids who are hopped up on too many drugs working on their graffiti masterpieces.

Favorite Tracks: Leader, Bitin Ain’t Samplin, Land of Immediate

Rating: Loved it


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