I <3 Justin Bieber


By Tim 

Ok not really but I don’t get the hatred against him and all the arguments I’ve heard against him are pretty weak.

  1. He’s a bad influence on kids?
    Ok then don’t let your kids listen to his stuff or watch his movies. Be a better parent, he’s a professional singer, not a professional role model.
  2. He makes shitty music.
    Well yeah but that’s an opinion and if it’s shitty don’t listen to it.
  3. He’s a bad person.

Really? He’s spit on his fans, slept with prostitutes, egged houses, smoked weed and drove drunk, aka a normal day for Keith Richards. If you draw the line at DUI then listen up. Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), Kevin Hart, Craig Robinson, Natasa Lyonne (Orange is the New Black) all have DUIs. If you’re going to hate Bieber for driving drunk it would make sense that you should hate them too.

Bottom line is if you don’t like Justin Bieber then don’t acknowledge him.  Why do you think there is so much coverage of his latest arrest? Because people having been watching in record numbers. TV stations, magazines, and websites need to attract so many people to stay profitable. If people stop caring about Bieber, stop buying his music, stop reading and watching reports on him then the media will drop him and he will disappear. Boycotts work.  However, seeing as how most people love to hear about his latest buffoonery I’d say be the bigger person. Move on, and forget Bieber.


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