Badbadnotgood release new track “CS60”



Retaining their status as the greatest band around today completely uncovered by Pitchfork, BBNG have returned with one of their most interesting songs yet. While their last two fantastic albums have stayed mostly centered in a blend of hip hop, jazz and electronic all their own, this one deviates further, sounding like nothing they’ve done before. It opens with a beautiful drone, almost akin to Talk Talk’s more atmospheric sections. It then moves into alt rock, sounding more like The King of Limbs than it does BBNG 001. This part revs up in intensity until it implodes into a giant breakdown with a great hip hop rhythm. It’s not really like anything I’ve ever heard before. That’s the main takeaway from the “CS60,” the excitement of amazing new sounds. Even more to come from the group later this year!

╢╢ Ruben de la Huerga


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