Ruben de la Huerga


Ruben de la Huerga


Hiiiiii! My name is Ruben de la Huerga and I’m a Young Adult fiction reader who is obsessed with a lot of forms of art, especially music. I like medium lengthed walks on the beach, romantic comedies, fun with friends and a nice glass of Manischewitz. I’m a student at Reed College in Portland, Oregon studying mathematics, economics and music. I work as a gift shop boy in the Portland downtown library. I’ve played music ever since I was a Youth fiction reader, banging drums to Peter Gabriel VHS’s. I’ve since learned to play concert euphonium, jazz trombone and am currently working on piano. I make songs on Logic and leave them in this soundcloud. I have written extensively about music in the past few years. I wrote in 2011, 2012, and am slowly, slowly making headway into 2013. I attempt to be as eclectic as I can in music, trying not to focus too much on any period or genre in music. My overall philosophy with music is that it is one of the greatest unifiers in life. If I had to say what my favorite type of music was it would be that which directly succeeds in bringing disparate genres, ideas and people together. My main goal in writing is to do the same, try and show people sounds, concepts and other humans that they might not have been exposed to otherwise. Here’s hoping us all a great new year with great new music.

With love,


I don’t really like to rank art anymore, but these are the albums that come to my head when I think 2013, in order of my train of thought.

R + 7 – Oneohtrix Point Never

The Redeemer – Dean Blunt

Stone Island – Dean Blunt

Shaking the Habitual – The Knife

Hit Vibes – Saint Pepsi

midcity – clipping

Cavalcade – milo

Wormfood – Jamaican Queens

Yeezus – Kanye West

Innocence is Kinky – Jenny Hval


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