05 Fuck Em Party


05 Fuck Em Party

By Joe DeBonis

Embarking on this mission to listen to all of “05 Fuck Em” with no breaks, no stopping, no fucking around was met with a lot of skepticism from everyone my brother and I told our brilliant plan to. We were told no one wanted to listen to 101 songs in a row, especially from someone who is as big of an enigma as Lil B. That did not stop my brother and me and our truest associates though. What did it matter to us if no one showed up but the true based; this was not meant to be a social gathering it was meant to be a testament to our love of the Based God. Even still, we publicized fairly aggressively, wanting anyone who even had the littlest interest to come and show support for Lil B to at least come for a little. The option was left open to anyone that wanted to stay the entire five hours, forty minutes and 19 seconds but really, any time spent in the presence of the party was good enough for us, we just knew we would be there from start to finish.

We started the album at 7:21 p.m. and let it play until past 1:00 a.m. At times there were just four people there, me, my brother, Sophia and Alison. And at others there was close to 30-40 people in the house, maybe not listening as intently as I would have preferred but they were there, and at least some part of them was experiencing the Based God.

Its not like it wasn’t work though; it felt like the truest toil at some points in the night, being confined to that living room and kitchen, letting people stream in and out but never being able to leave. Of course when alcohol is involved people get rowdy and at one point I did have to deal with a few rabble rousers who were disturbing the based nature of the entire operation. Like all parties it ebbed and flowed but what was different about this party was that Lil B remained the ever constant.

One of the coolest aspects of the whole night was how the topic of conversation never wavered far from Lil B and his antics. Granted, this was a night dedicated to him so obviously it made sense he would be talked about, but everywhere I went in the house, people were talking about all things based for most of the night and that in itself made the night feel successful simply because of the love that Lil B was shown.

The height of the party had to be when “Im The Rap God” came on. It samples “Toxicity” by System of a Down and it got the whole party up and dancing and moshing in the middle of the living room. We had our best cooking circles of the night and the positivity was at its height at that moment. Around this time, Patch also had the genius idea to appropriate some Lil B music that was playing and make a track. In hindsight it was probably the best idea of the night and the overall basedness of the track is astounding with its raw sounds and the echoes of the party in the background.

In the end, not a whole lot of true listening of the mixtape was done. And really, how could it though? 101 songs straight, no break, is an arduous task at best. The fact we were able to gather in the name of Lil B though is where the true victory of the night comes in. People need education and knowledge about Lil B, and if nothing else, this party encouraged talk of the Based God, showcased his musical prowess and dedication to positivity. There were people that showed up who had no prior idea of who Lil B even was and left with a much stronger conception of what he and his philosophies are. This was as much about showing our dedication as spreading the word of Lil B, and both things were successful this night.


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