Genetics and Windsurfing – Audio Stream Continuum


Genetics and Windsurfing

Audio Stream Continuum

Released: 6 December 2013 (Orange Milk)

By: Patrick DeBonis

Arguably one of the best music labels from 2013, Orange Milk, has done it again with their first batch of cassettes for 2014.  Last year this strange little label released several amazing cassettes.  Most notably were Creamjuice’s Man Feelings and Foodman’s Shokuhin.  Both of them were featured in my individual top fifty albums of 2013. Like most music labels, Orange Milk has found a way in which all of their releases relate, it just might not be apparent until the end of the album.  Based out of Brooklyn, it is still hard to get a feeling of where most of their releases come from due to their general lack of background information.  Several artists on the label hail from Japan, which seems to prove a wide range of areas in which the artists reside in.  Genetics and Windsurfing, the artist in question, has appeared with his début release and what appears to be his first body of work under this particular alias.

Audio Stream Continuum fits right along next to Man Feelings and Shokuhin but is still very much its own experience.  From the opening of “Trance Billboards” there is very overblown feeling to this album.  This aspect really helps create the mood.  Through out the disorienting and distorted samples, the overbearing feeling of static pressing down keeps a high energy level on each track.  Right from the get go it feels like Genetics and Windsurfing took his spliced-together tracks and buried them in distortion.  Everything about this release is fun, from the classic and amazing Orange Milk artwork, to the need to just keep rewinding the cassette and playing it again.

Track titles can have a high level of importance in interpreting tracks but other times they could have seemingly nothing at all to do with the music.  On recent occasions the latter seems to be more abundant.  I would not be surprised if the track titles of Genetics and Windsurfing have nothing to do with the songs themselves, but one title that really jumps out is “Free Samples Library Track.”  That is one of the most image-provoking track titles in a long time.  Between the sounds he weaves together and the spark of a song title, I can picture someone going to a public library, finding an assortment of old VHS and cassettes to borrow.  When I say old I mean old, these are basement quality that you have to specifically ask for:  “Hey you know all that old tape you are going to throw away? Yeah do you think I could have them?”  After some questioning looks, the librarian would obviously oblige; they are trash anyways.  You would then bring these tapes home drop them all into a blender and then record the concoction of sound, then probably distort and sample them some more.  When listening to “Free Samples Library Track” that is the picture I get, and I really hope at least half of that process was involved in Genetics and Windsurfing’s making of it.

A huge part of getting a feeling for an artist and understanding their music is the knowledge known about them, or the lack of it.  Genetics and Windsurfing leans very heavily towards little to no knowledge easily found.  That does of course add to an artist’s persona and general message.  Genetics and Windsurfing could loosely be described as Internet music and artists who fit into this category thrive on the lack of personal information.  The purely musical interpretation clouded by no other connotations give internet artists the freedom and effect they desire.  Genetics and Windsurfing’s enigmatic and ever changing atmosphere is possible not only because of the music he makes but because there is nothing to tie him to except for Orange Milk.

Genetics and Windsurfing

Rating: Like it


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