Clams Casino – Instrumentals Mixtape 3

Instrumental Mixtape 3

Clams Casino

Instrumentals Mixtape 3

Released: 18 December 2013 (Self- released)

By Sophia Abbey

Mike Volpe, aka Clams Casino, is blowing the rap game out the water again in 2013, and to sum it up, he released his third instrumentals tape at the end of the year.

Many of the songs on the album have shown up on my radar already, beats for artists such as Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky, MF DOOM and more.

The album starts off with some of the best tracks, which really got me pumped up to listen to the whole set. Crystals, which made it onto the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack was an amazing piece of work. This track was heard many times down my dorm room hallway, as all the boys on my floor huddled around the common room TV, shedding their prep school upbringing to steal cars and fuck prostitutes. The second track, Hell, was the instrumental to one of my favorite tracks of the A$AP Rocky album this year. These tracks were a breeze to get into, the familiar beats were danceable.

Putting out an album of instrumentals after many of the tracks have been released can sometimes be hard on his sound. For instance, I definitely missed the Santigold feature on the Hell track, and others that have been sampled by rappers sometimes felt empty without the lyrics. On the other hand, having heard some of the tracks made the beats more familiar and easier to jam out to right away. And of course, the Mac Miller tracks were not lacking anything by being solely instrumental.

As a whole the album almost falls flat, there are a few great tracks, but with two of them being at the very beginning, it’s hard to enjoy the rest of the album as much. There’s no denying Clammy Clams ability to produce and remix, but tape 3 does not live up to expectations and kind of feels like a let down. I will definitely keep listening, but maybe more to FACT mix 258.

Favorite Tracks: Crystals, Hell, Cold Feet

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